RECOMMENDED: Named after a zine published fifty years ago by Ettore Scottsass, Room East is a new gallery located at 41 Orchard Street. Its inaugural group exhibition, Ruins in Reverse, runs through March 4, 2012, and features new sculpture and painting by Ethan BreckenridgeDavid BrooksZipora FriedEmily HenrettaWyatt KahnZak KitnickErik LindmanDavid ScanavinoErin Shirreff, and Nick Van Woert. The show’s title is taken from Robert Smithson’s 1967 essay The Monuments of Passaic; the phrase “ruins in reverse” was used to capture the essence of new construction sites devoid of history.

Wyatt Kahn, Wall Work, 2011, canvas on panel in parts, 43” x 52” x 1 1/4”.
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