Stephen Lichty and Neil MarcusStudy for Special Effects, 2010, improvisational performance, ribbon, rocks, and fire. The collaborators have both been diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary and repetitive movements. Throughout the course of one day, verbal suggestions, bodily adjustments, and the employment of props were used in order to reposition and re-articulate their dystonic impulses.

Stephen Lichty lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He holds a BSc from the Department of Culture and Communications at NYU. Exhibitions include: Foxy Production, New York (2012); Frutta, Rome (2012); The Barber Shop, Lisbon (2011); and School of Development, Berlin (2010). Performances include: Ribbon dance in a thunderstorm at sunset, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York (2011). Neil Marcus is a poet and dancer living and working in Berkeley, California. Marcus has danced internationally since the 1980’s, received a United Nations Society of Writers Medal of Honor for his play Storm Reading, and has been included as a seminal voice in the NEA Oral History Project.

DEAD WEIGHT: This week, David Everitt Howe guest curates SculptureCenter’s tumblr with a series of images thatconsider the body as an object, a mass—even a burden. Abstracted, it is displaced, disembodied, transmuted, given new form, and otherwise re-signified. 

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